My fee for a fifty-minute session is $75.

Typically, we will meet once a week on a weekly basis to establish a therapeutic relationship and maintain consistency. Once it appears that progress is being made, we may decide to meet on a less regular basis, such as once every other week. Therapy, on average, may last anywhere from 10-15 sessions. Duration of therapy will be different for every client and depends on various factors such the severity of problems, specific goals, and the amount of time and effort invested outside of therapy.

I understand that there may be financial concerns and I am happy to talk with you about them. Your mental and relational health are important. To help you rationalize the cost of therapy, let me offer you a different perspective on my fees. ​Consider these everyday conveniences and determine for yourself how they compare to your mental and relational health.

Dinner and Movie for 2 – $75 or 1 therapy session

Coffee Shop Latte – $30/week @10 weeks = $300 or 4 therapy sessions

iPhone 11pro – $1,000 or 13 therapy sessions

A Year of Cable & Internet – $2,000 or 26 therapy sessions

MacBook Pro Laptop – $1,300 or 17 therapy sessions

Average Cost of a Divorce – $15,000 or 200 therapy sessions

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