Steps To Therapy: 6

Let’s be honest. Deciding on receiving counseling can be intimidating. Here is what you can expect when you visit for a therapeutic service.

The Therapeutic Process

No person, couple or family is the same. Therefore, each person’s therapeutic journey is going to be different. In the beginning of therapy, we will work together to make a list of goals for your therapeutic process. These goals may not take long to achieve; these goals may take longer than expected. My encouragement to you is to give yourself compassion and remind yourself that you are trying. Change is NOT easy! You may even find that your symptoms grow worse in the beginning stages of therapy. That is okay. Think of it as you beginning to exercise again. It is common for your muscles to become sore after a work out. Therapy can sometimes be the same way. I like to make a habit of having a check-in session every now and then to monitor your progress and perception of therapy.

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